Public Art
Short Film created for graduate school and used as a resource in the art room.  I did all of the filming and editing for this short film.

Short Films

I’m a Jock
Music Video created for the FHMS Talent Show in 2006.  This video was a collaborative project with the students and myself. Once the filming of individual clips was complete, I used Photoshop and iMovie to edit the video together.
Pay it Forward- Intro
This short film was created as an introduction  for the Pay it Forward videos created at Circle Round the Square in 2007.  At the beginning of the camp, children chose the Pay it Forward theme for their Public Service Announcement.
Pay it Forward
Intro & Group G
Children generated all of the ideas for the content of the public service announcement.  We all then worked together to film, act and stage the scenes created.  Once all of the filming was complete the instructors made all of the editing decisions.

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Short Film created by talented and gifted students during Studio 707, after school club.