Kids’ Guernica International Peace Mural Project
25’ 6” x 11’ 8”

In March 2008, Federal Hocking Middle School celebrated Youth Art Month by hosting a month long Kids’ Guernica Peace Mural Workshop in Stewart, Ohio.  One hundred twenty students participated in the event, along with visiting professional mural artist Katie Pearce.

The Federal Hocking Middle School Peace Mural Project was a collaborative effort between students, staff and community members. All semester art students played a role in every phase of the imagery, design and painting of their peace mural.


The project began with an introduction of the history and a class discussion about the symbolic meaning of Pablo Picasso’s Guernica.  We then learned about Kids’ Guernica’s mission and looked at the several other peace murals that had been created around the world.  Students were then asked to think about and discuss peace on a local, national and global level.  Many days of brainstorming and sketching followed as students began to think about and communicate visually the peaceful situations in their lives. 

Over twenty individual student images are included in the final design of the mural, all students found a way to work together and agree upon a final design that represented peace in Southeast Ohio (see Design Process image). The final design was transferred to the large canvas and the mural was broken up into twelve panels so that each class could take part in painting 2 panels each.  When all of the painting was complete community members volunteered their time to sew these panels back together, making up the total size of the mural. 

Students at Federal Hocking worked a total of four school weeks from start to finish to complete their Kids’ Guernica Peace Mural.  This experience was truly amazing for each and every participant.  Kids’ Guernica has made a lasting impression on the kids in Southeast Ohio and we are honored to participate in such a meaningful event. 

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